Which firmware is the best B7T9,B7U9,B7V9?

Just wondering which firmware produce the best quality discs?

For me B7T9 and B7V9 are the best.

I think I could say safely that if your burning quality +R media B7V9 is the best and for me, because I have plenty of -R left, B7T9 give me the best results.

Maybe time for another poll? :iagree:

I have settled on B7V9 for + and - R but I also got excellent results from T9 and U9. I must say that I’ve had three 1620’s and each of them performed better with different firmwares on the same media. For lower pif’s, you can’t beat B7U9 but for lower pie’s, B7T9 seems to be favourite. It’s best to experiment on an individual basis and use whatever best suits your burner and media.

I get excellent results with B7U9, Low PI Error!

why does the buyning speed decreaser when i upgraded b7vp i went from 6.23 16x to 7.23 16x previous firmware b7s9, should i return unit to store and get another one that has s in it?.

No just reflash to your favorite firmware.

This guy speaks the truth. Two things I could add. TYG02 seems better on my drive with B9V7, and if you still use Ritek watch for variability in quality. I can get a range of PIE 5X higher from different batches with the same media code.

did re flash to no avail, ret it back to store got a new one it had the same firmware B7S9 burn time quicker on new 16x maxell 5.41 seems these units from china only like this firmware,will do quality ck and post it

I have the same unit as you with the China B7S9 firmware and I found an improvement going to B7V9 as have a number of others with the same unit. I would hesitate to say your problem is common to all these drives. I have read that the B7S9 is matched to “cheaper” firmware, whatever that means. I have also seen that B7S9 is missing on a number of BenQ sites.

My best results on TY02, TYG02, TYG03, and MCC004’s is with B7T9…

My most recent 1620 is same as yours and had B7S9 firmware. This firmware was only produced for China because it was tailored for the extremely poor media that was available there. For this reason, it gives reasonable quality scans on questionable blanks but doesn’t do so well on quality media. If you want long term readability, you should upgrade the firmware and use high quality media only. If it means accepting slightly slower burns, it’s still preferable to ending up with a pile of dvd’s which cannot be read after 6 months. My best results with TY02, TYG02, TYG03 and MCC004’s are with B7U9 and B7V9. Have stopped buying all Ritek blanks now as I’ve had so many spindles that I’ve had to return.

B7U9 for +RWs, B7T9 for cheap -Rs and any for +Rs.

What about B7P9? I am still on that firmware, is anyone else?

I personally loved P9. I had some marvelous burns of my TY media. I flashed to T9 then V9. With V9, I found much slower burns. A 12x burn of TYG02 8x media took 10 mins for a full disk! I just flashed back to T9 and the same burn takes between 6:30 and 7:00 mins. So far me, I would say either P9 or T9 are the best - your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

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I’m using 47L9 on my DW1620 in an external case. I can NOW hit 16X but limit my burns to 12X for quaility. I have used all the other firmware up to B7V9 and either the time or the quaility score is much better with the EW162I firmware.

If you are using 4X dvdr using B7T9 and below as B7U9 and B7V9 tends to CRC error even though you may good quality scan.

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