Which firmware is best

I just bought an NEC-2500A(black) and a 50pack of ritek/ridata Model# DRD-47-4X-RDSM, those are the gradeA g04 or w/e. I heard some people have problems burning with those but they are good media, so my question is…What firmware should I flash to in order to give me the BEST results with THAT media(probably going to be the firmware that allows the most compatibility with media i would think right?).

Thanks in advance, I saw the links at the begining(sp.) of the forums to the different firmwares, I would just like to know which is best for this media

PS: Is there a any type of utility for flashing firmware to the NEC drive?

The latest without DL capabilities is Beta 4 from Herrie and to my opinion the best.

Have a look at the fimware poll bars at the beginning of the page.

You can select 8X speed to burn G04 but be aware that the media could fail at this speed due to its intrinsic average quality. (TY G01 is ideal for 8X)
I myself would burn G04 at 4X or 6X. Burn quality is then outstanding (Traxdata here)

and you yourself would end up with a poor quality disk
as 6x burns seem to be inferior to 8x, using G04 media. The part
of the burn done at 6x is always poorer quality so best
to have the last 40% of the disk as good as poss.

ok I know which one Im gonna flash to, now how do I flash -_-?

Create a Win98/DOS boot disk and copy all the firmware files on it. Boot off the disk, and run the flasher program. If you run the program without any flags, it should provide you with a list of options and how to use it - including creating a backup of your existing firmware.

Hi Sarah,

Following is the scan of a Traxdata G04 burnt at 6X on the Nec 2500A with Beta 5 from Herrie.

It is good but mot exceptional as the second scan I join of a Fuji TY G01 burnt at 8X with Beta 4.

Do you mean I would get better scan at 8X with the G04?
I think the Traxdata will support 8X well enough but how about other G04 brands not good enough to support that high speed, irrelevant of the stategy used ?

I would appreciate your comments.

f#ck, that was all way over my head…and the drive didnt even come with a cd -_-;

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Try and flash with the Windows flasher. Sapa pointed you to it in the link above, but here it is again.


Download the .rar file, unpack it with Winrar or whatever program you might have for that. Then run the .exe file. Very simple, nothing to learn, although some people have had problems with the Windows flasher. give it a try. Works for me.

If this does not work for you, you will have to learn to do the boot disk from DOS routine.

great thank you so much :smiley:

Ok ive just now been trying to burn with these discs(ritek g04’s from newegg) and nero ultra 6 and it keep spitting them out saying its not the right kind of disc…

Make sure Nero is set to DVD and not CD

I set it to miniDVD, but I used DVDShrink to make the files. My file system is FAT32…does that matter?


You need to set NERO to DVD!
miniDVD is one of the options under CD media!

Here’s a screenshot: You need to change the red circeled option and then choose “Video-DVD”:


sweet thanks