Which Firmware I should use for 2500A

Hi All,
I am planning to get a 2500A, I know that it is identical to 2510A. But I am wondering can I directly apply the Nec official 2510A firmware to my new drive or I should use the beta firmware from Herrie?Can anyone talk about the differences?

Also, are there any bugs unsolved and can I downgrade back to 2500 after update?

use the 2510 v2.15 its great.
differences ? the 1.07 v2 beta5 supports bitsetting and has media hacks (overclocking write speed and so) also its based on a HP firmware while the 2.15 doesnt support bitsetting and no media hacks…
both support dual layer writing though and both will keep your drive a 2500 which will make it easier for windows firmware flashing.
you can always downgrade to the original stock firmware anyway…

Thanks for you reply.
But I don’t know what bitsetting exactly for?
And are you mean that the media hacks allow a 4X DVD-R to be write at 6X/8X after the overclock?

yeah thats what he means

bit setting a dvd+R means changeing its media code so standalone dvd players and dvdrom`s think the dvd+R is an actual Pressed DVD-ROM disk

there for giveing better compatibilty with more players and rom drives.
its like turning a dvd+R into a DVD-ROM disk :wink: :wink:

also makes reading these disks far better imho and its a pritty neat feature.

That is incorrect.
Bitsetting changes the discs’ booktype, not the media code.
From my FAQ, “Read This!”.

looks like the guys replied to your questions while i’ve been sleeping…i hope its all clear now :slight_smile: