Which firmware for Yuden?



Hey guys, Sorry if this is a noob question but I just got my NEC 3500 and got PLENTY and I mean PLENTY of Yuden DVD +Rs from the Best Buy sale. I was wondering what in your opinion is the best firmware to burn these Yuden discs at. I dont have a Benq or Liteon to check on error scans so I just wanna know by your guys experience. thanks!! :smiley:


@xxpnoisnxx, any of them will actually do good, but Im currently using 217bs, and it does great. TY02 Fuji is what I burn also, and I have a TON of it.:smiley:

Here is an 8X burn on TY02 using 217bs firmware:

Here is an 8X burn on TY02 using Liggy’s 218 firmware:

Here is an 8X burn on TY02 using 2F8 (with bitsetting) firmware:


As you can see, all 3 of the above do great:iagree:, so just take a pick. However I would use a firmware with bitsetting. Read the sticky “Overview for different NEC Firmware” at the top of the NEC forum to see which is which.


thanks for not flaming hitman :slight_smile: Will check that out


by the way, how well is your scan on 16X? I see 4x and 8x only.


@xxpnoisnxx, below is a scan of a 16X burn on TY02 using Liggy’s 218 Firmware. If you are going to be burning at 16X, I would probably use that firmware, tho I haven’t used any of the newest betas, etc… in some of the threads.


@xxpnoisnxx, If I am not mistaken, the 3500 burns T02 media at 16X with stock firmware. I don’t think you would really need anything else. Which T02 media do you have from BB? Is it TDK or Fuji? I got some awesome burns with TDK, my Fuji burns weren’t the best. Others have had some problems with Fuji T02s as well…sounds like some bad batches.


Yeah, the FUJIs don’t seem to be A grade, but still burn @16x without problems here…


I went the longest time with the Fuji TY and didn’t have a problem, but here lately I’ve come across some spindles that seem to be from a “bad batch” also.


KockRoach, the stock firmware does allow me to burn Yudens at 16X but I got a few coasters so I was thinking, there might be a better firmware for yuden discs specifically. By the way I am using the Fuji brand TYs.

Hitman, have you tried the Sony Yudens? I bought alot of those as well this week since they were also onsale @ staples.


xxpnoisnxx, I checked the stock 2.17 and 2.18 firmwares using NECDump, and it shows YUDEN000T02 can be burned at 16X. Which firmware are you using?

I am using Liggy and Dee’s Version 2 beta 4…which allows me to burn some other 8X media at 12X and 16X.

As I mentioned, the Fuji branded T02’s have had some problems lately. I have some TDK branded T02s (make sure they say Made in Japan) which are great. Got them at Best Buy.


so if i was just gonna mainly burn TY discs, I should stick with stock firmware? I dont intend on burning any other type of dics exept for the TYs and the MXLs from Maxell.


Benq users have found that TY T02 discs with code TG001125 (visible on the disc) produce a PIF spike (7 or 8) at the 0.5 GB point, while those with code TG001133 do not. I have checked this with my NEC burns and can confirm it.
All my Fuji’s have the ‘good’ code. The others, original Taiyo’s, still produce very good burns, but get 94-95% scores in stead of 97-98% in CD Speed.


xterminator what firmware do you have? I was shocked yesterday when I received two coasters on my first TY burns. Thats why I thought it might have been a firmware issue. I read somewhere in the forum where someone was also having problems burning TY discs on the 2.18 nec firmware. And do you guys burn these at max speed (16x) or do you stay with the 8x speed.


ive got some fujis with the TG001133 code that are made in germany ive used about 10 so far and although they will burn ok at all speeds including 16X the kprobe scans are not what i would expect. so they are on my dont buy again list.


Made in Germany ? You mean from Fuji Germany ?


I’ve burned Ty T02, Ritek R03, Maxells, and Sony D11 on my ND-3500AG. They
all give me a single large spike at approx. 0.5 G, it must be the drive. Can anyone figure out why? The rest of the scan looks fine. :confused:


ooops sorry my mistake, i shouldn`t try reading small stuff without my specks on. they are made in japan.
it accualys says:
D-47533 Kleve/Germany.


Hey! The 2.18 and 2.16 burns at 16x with my TY+R and 3500. Not a coaster yet for movie backups. 2.18 lets me burn at 8x with Memorex+r and Fugi-R.
It is safe to update to 2.18 factory FW. You may decide to burn some strange media in the future. The altered FW on this forum will allow you to remove rip lock if you need the speed improvement. I decided to leave my two 3500s at 2.18 and use my 2510 as a test bed for FW experiments. I may get brave and try one of Herries/Quikee/Maddog FWs for my 3500s. :wink: So far they work geat in my 2510. :bow:


Both my Fuji and TDK 8X DVD+R T02s have the TG001133 code. The Fuji couldn’t burn at 16X on my 3500, but back to 12X at 3.7GB. Same Fuji discs can burn on my BenQ1620, but horrible quality scans. My TDKs look great on my 3500 and almost as good on my 1620.



This is what my FUJI yuden000t02 (TG001125) look like. Just for comparison the second one is a ricohjpnr02, both burned with the 2.FA firmware on my 3500A and both set to DVD-ROM:

1.) YUDEN000T02 @16x
2.) RICOHJPNR02 @8x

Both discs play perfect in every device I put it in… :slight_smile: