Which Firmware for GSA-4163?

I just bought a used 4163 and am wondering which firmware is the best of these two; 104 or 105?


My drive came with 104 and worked perfectly. I now use 105 and it works great, too. The quality of the burns on cheap(ish) disks is incredible. And by cheap disks I mean Datawrite branded ones. +R has media code MCC003, -R is FUJIFILM003 (£6 for 25).

I’d say go with the 105.

I’m using A105 and don’t notice any difference in burning most things from A104. A105 adds support for two or three new 16x MIDs so it might be a good idea to use A105. The nice thing about LG’s firmware is you can flash back to a previous version. So you can go with A105 and if it seems like some things don’t burn nicely, just flash back to A104.

Thanks for the responses. I’m going with A105 w"ala’s MSCE enhanced"