Which firmware for burning 360 games?

Hello all experts!

Today i received my pioneer 111D burner since i wanted to backup :cop: my XBOX 360 games. When i installed it i noticed i could burn my ps2 backups flawlessly with it and it booted. Unfortunately my xbox (one) couldn´t read the burned games. Last time i encountered the problem was on my NEC 3550 burner, but that was easy. I just changed the booktype in NERO and IMGburn.
With pioneer i noticed the booktype couldn´t be changed so i downloaded and installed 8.19 firmware and after that the x-box backups booted perfectly.

My question is: which firmware is best for the pioneer burning XBOX360 games? Will it be ok with the 8.19 firmware?

8.19 is a good start, I have exact same burner, got some better advice, and works flalessly for me every time… I use the TDB 8.26 firmware for 111 L drive even though it’s a Pioneer 111D drive, it’s identical hardware and the firmwares work on both, it has some extra powers :wink:

have fun! 360 is fun~!