Which firmware do you recommend?

Hello everyone! I just got my BenQ 1640 a little over 2 weeks ago and haven’t had much time to play around with it. I’ve done some light reading over here but I have to say that most of the post about scans and pif’s and pi’s are a bit over my head. I was hoping you all could recommend a good firmware to use. I generally use only TY002’s and MXL RG03’s (DVD-R’s in both cases). Here is the only scan I’ve done so far of one of my MXL RG03 burns. Any help is greatly appreciated!

If that firmware is burning your media like the scan above, stick with it. Why ruin a good thing?

ah ok! I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a really good scan. I knew it was decent but I am still new to what really good numbers are.

Thats a good scan for maxell media. Try to search the forum to see if any1 has any scan for Maxell media under different firmware and make a comparasion. If you find better scans then upgrade it, if not, then stick with that firmware. But dont limit yourself to maxell media alone, scan your other media and use them as a reference source.

aintitthelife98, Hi.
I also made the jump to a 1640 a few weeks ago. First thing I did was upgrade to BSLB. After much reading here and checking BenQ’s website I thought the upgrade was a good choice. I admit I never did a scan or even wrote a disc before the upgrade but I also use dash R media (Taiyo Yuden only) and finally tried out a “quality scan.”
I was very pleased with the results considering I was using -R and much talk was about +R being better. Admitted though some threads talked about the difference being almost done away with using the 1640.
If you want you can check out my scan using TY 8X -R (shinny silver from Rima). My stock firmware was BSHB like yours. I think you can also downgrade back to that if an upgrade doesn’t agree with your setup.
I haven’t installed any of the software (Qsuite) and everything is as is OEM.
Good luck.