Which Firmare Version Do You Use For The Benq 1620A



Hi, please pick which firmware version you use for the BenQ 1620A. I myself after trying out the new firmwares reverted back to B7P9, as I think it gives the best quality.


I was using the T9 fw, but now I’m testing the new U9fw, I hope it gives me good results.


cant do mutiple votes…i have 3 drives…:D:D


Pick your favorite one :wink:

The reason I didn’t allow multiple votes was because then one vote would kind of cancle out the other one, and what I wanta know is which particular firmware one thinks gives them a good quality burn overall withought sacrificing speed. Because for me B7U9 just didn’t cut it. It burned some of my SONY08D1 at 8X because of the aggressive WOPC and I get better burns with B7P9 on the same media burned at 16X. Now there are maybe 1 out of every 20 discs that B7P9 will slow down to 12X when it does the analyzing before the burn starts (lead in time) but B7U9 will burn more then half of the discs at 8X after the analyzing (which also takes a long time) and I still get better results with B7P9 at higher burn speeds.


I’m using T9 and have found it to be far superior to P9.

Xbit labs just did numerous tests with the 2 firmwares and came to the same conclusion:



B7T9 seems to work well.


then i pick U9…


U9 here, seems to be working just fine so far.


There seems far too much differing opinion on post P9 firmwares for me to reflash my drive from that version.

If there were a clear and decided preference, like when P9 overwhelming trounced the earlier versions, than I’d think about it.

Is there really much room for 1620 improvement at this point?