Which Firm Ware for Plextor 12/4/32TSi

What’s the best firm ware I should use for this burner to be able to copy SD2? It currently as v1.05 and the TLA# is 0006. A friend is selling his, and I wanted to know if this burner is better than the Teac R58S (I know the Plextor is re-writable and is also faster).

I’ve read that Plextor has had problems with overburning in the bast, does it still have this problem? I usually use Nero to copy most things, but I was thinking about starting to use Clone CD.

I believe it is Firmware version 1.04 you need to be able to backup SD2 protected games.

You’ll have to look at the original Plextor site for notes on the different Firmware versions and how they deal with overburning, because I am not able to help you on that at this moment.