Which firewire burners work well with clonecd?

I am in the market for a firewire cd burner which will work with my notebook and my desktop, and I am wondering which will work well with clonecd. In particular, I am looking at the buslink line, because they come with a firewire controller card. I know these are usually just repackaged drives from other manufacturers, but is there a way to tell if they will work properly, short of begging someone at CompUSA to let me test one?

Any suggestions for a firewire burner?


Yamaha CRW-F1DX. It’s the same drive as the internal CRW-F1 drive and works quite well with CloneCD. It needs AWS to perfectly copy SafeDisc 2.51 but that’s the only negative point. Website of Yamaha: http://yamaha-online.de

you could by an external firewire enclosure and put a Lite-on in it, you would however have to buy a firewire PCI card though, the cost would still be probably less than a retail drive. in the uk a 48X liteon is about £45 an external enclosure is £70 and a firewire card £20 thats £135 compared with about £185 for a retail 40/48X external firewire drive…