Which filters?

I hope this is the right category. I have a video clip captured from digital cable. I’m using a haupgage wintv tuner card which only outputs to mpeg2. It seems like the I&B frames are out of whack, I’ve converted to xvid and tried a variety of setting for quantizer, motion prediction, deinterlace filters, etc, etc. Nothing seems to be fixing this one. The problem is on the original file. I’ve attached a still. It’s hard to tell from the still but the problem is only where there’s motion. Anybody know of a filter or process I can use to clean this up?


It looks like an interlace problem, but you can’t really tell from a still. I know of a tool (AVIDeMux) that has a lot of filters including several de-interlacers that may be of assistance. It allows real time preview of the filters, and can encode to XviD. Sometimes I’ve also had to run my Hauppauge files through PVAStrumento to clean them up, although that was primarily for indexing problems.

I’ve been using AVIDemux and VDub, I’ve tried all the deinterlace filters and none have had any noticable affect. I’ll try PVA though. Thanks

Okay, I turned it into PVA and ran it through the ffdshow deinterlace and that did it. It’s not great but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: