Which File i need for C#


can somebody say me which file i need to use nero in my C#-program? I have downloaded the nero sdk but i don´t know which file I must be include in my program! Please help me

Thanks Marcus

Well, as far as I know you should import nerocom.dll which is in “…\program files

There is a sample in the SDK file you’ve downloaded for c(?) which I tried to compile in VC++ but I get an error.

I just gave up trying to get it working using delphi:(

Untill now I’ve seen it working only with VB. I hoped to make a dll wich sould export some functions I need for delphi but VB cannot make dll’s which can export functions.:frowning:

There is a component for delphi but it only burns data discs and this only in ISO/joliet.



i have the same result. Can somebody else help me?


VC++ enterprise does compile it. There is one or more file(s) missing in other version(s), but I don’t remember which file it was. Because I’m going to wait until someone makes it possible in Delphi or finds a solution for it.