Which file for the 5005 system or drive update?

if i want to update my 5005 for the macro and 3 hr rec…do i update system & drive update or just the system update? i amd from canada so is it the firs file in the sticky?

@raymond - you only need to do the system update to get the MV and 3 hr. But the hacks do not work on the 1101/0101 fw yet. You have to do it on the 098 fw.

try this:

@raymond - what is your setup screen serial number?

actually iam jumping the gun a little my wife got it for me for xmas…i was just doing some reading on it now…but once i get it i will check the firmware…if it is 1001 do i have to put the 98 update on it first? then put the macro update? and that link above does not worl…thanks

when I open that link is is good for 7 days or 5 downloads only you need to check back. You can use fw 0098 hacked over 0101