Which field for pal dvd

with your help I have started producing amazing DVDs :bow: now im fine tuning my act. the thing about upper and lower fields is confusing - the dvds will be viewed in PCs and TVs. The format is Pal DVD 25 fps 16X9 standard definition - Australian Pal DVD. I would like the DVDs to play on any machine - well almost any machine - Which setting should i use UPPER FIELD FIRST,LOWER FIELD FIRST OR NO FIELD. I think its lower field but the 16x9 and the diffrence between PC and TV leaves me worried Len

If your source material is interlaced, you should set it to the same field order as the source, otherwise, you’ll end up with rather shaky motion when played back on some DVD players. You can try checking the source with GSpot (link).

If the source is progressive video, then the field order doesn’t really matter. Bottom field first use to be preferred from what I recall.