Which F@H version to install

Not really sure which Vista version of F@H to install. Got WCG installed and running with no probs.

I’m running Vista Home Premium, SP1 RC v668. Appreciate any recommendations ya’ll could give me as per running which F@H v5 or beta v6.

Thanks much,

After thinking about a little bit, I went ahead and d/l the Graphical v5.03 instead of any of the betas. Already have 3 beta programs running and don’t want to take a chance on another one. Everything seems to be running fine, (both F@H & BOINC).

Awesome Bobby,

Glad to have you on the teams. What are you system specs? I have run both clients on multiple comps at the same time. They shouldn’t interfere with each other.

Happy Crunching :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane, glad to help. So far no problems. Later on I’ll prolly install the beta version, after MS releases Vista SP1 RTM in March. The other beta programs i’m running aren’t enough to hurt anything anyway. Main thing is having to uninstall Vista SP1 RC before installing SP1 RTM. Anyway, gotta say this is the first name brand computer I’ve ever had and it has given me absolutely NO problems. I usually build my own and bought this one when I was going thru a burnt out phase lol.

I’m running an HP Pavilion a1700n w/:

MB: ASUS A8M2N-LA MB w/ AMD Athlon 3800+ (2GHz) 64 X2
- 2000 MT/s FSB
- 1 GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM (expanding to 4GB next month)
- Award Bios
- NVidia GeForce 6150LE chipset (NVidia video)
- Audio: RealTek ALC-888 Dobly ProLogic II chip
- LAN/WAN: NVidia NForce 10/100 Controller

HDD: Samsung 250GB SATA 7200RPM

and more holes you can plug stuff into than you can shake a stick at!!!

…and running Vista SP1 RC (until RTM release in March) 32 bit.

Since installing F@H at 2AM this morning, it shows I’ve processed 150/1500 frames @ 5m:28s/frame (up from 2m:48s due to cutting CPU usuage down to 50%, didn’t seem like WCG was getting enough time.)
WCG has processed 36.5% of 1 and 24.5% of the other and 2 more @ ready to start.

Hope that isn’t doing to bad. I’m having to use this system thru the day since my wife and mother are using my other 2 (weren’t going to argue with 2 women!!! not at the same time anyway :wink:

Will let you know if I have any problems and what I did to fix them in case someone else has same problem. Glad to be onboard and here’s to kicking some disease butt !! :cool:

Oh Yeah, I’m also leaving this system on 24/7 to make up cutting bak CPU usage. Ya’ll hava good day now, ya hear!! :wink: