Which external USB2 DVD-Recorder? Samsung or LG?

I have been “burned”, so to speak, in the past, by going with a Liteon DVD-Recorder based on their previous excellent CD-Recorder record, which turned out to be extremely finicky with the optical media it would succesfully record (I believe it was the same model that Sony rebadged as DRU-something)

So, before venturing off to my new purchase I would like to ask the experts in order to avoid similar problems in the future.

I am focusing on external DVD-recorders, in the belief that I will not have to wait for IDE-jammers in order to succesfully use Daemon Tools with Starforce protected backups (I thought I will simply have to switch off the external recorder, instead of fumbling with IDE cables). Is this belief correct? And do these models actually have an on/off switch?

I have found the Samsung DVDRW SE-W164L 16x/DL4 LIGHTSCRIBE USB drive here (http://www.infoshop.gr/product.asp?PrID=36820), for 82 euros, and the LG USB2 GSA-2166D LightScribe over here (http://www.infoshop.gr/product.asp?PrID=36818) for practically the same price.

Could you please inform as to the advantages and disadvantages of each respective model? Any shortbacks with using an external USB2 drive for CD and DVD recording? All information and advice on what to purchase would be very welcome…

Thank you very much