Which external enclosure for premium-premium2?

I’m planning to buy an external enclosure for my plexriter premium… Since different enclosures comes with different chipset, and I read somewere that some chipset are not fully compatible, did anyone know which enclusure works best with the premium, or the premium2 thah I’m planning to buy?

I am using this one with my PlexWriter Premium (CD only).


It seems to work fine.

It says a NEC chipset is used (for the USB interface). While there is no telling if it is really the same chipset this should be a good sign, since Plextor used NEC chipsets in their own enclosures. See:

Myself I’m using enclosures with Prolific 3507 chipsets (USB2/FW400) with good results.

on Profilic PL-3507 - [U]works[/U] with Plextor 760 - PlexTools too!