Which external enclosure for Plextor 760A/SW

I am not that tech-smart but i m trying find compatible external enclosure for plextor DVD writer…
can anyone help with external enclosure for Plextor PX-760A/SW BL

I have ordered plextor PX-760A/SW and trying to find compatible external enclosure.
And also is PX 760A/sw a good burner…is it worth buying inetrnal dvd writer + external enclosure or go for external dvd writer. I wd be using with my Latitude D500 notebook - have intel 1.29GHz, 512 RAM, 30GB Fujitsu HDD

Thanks in advance

Search the Plextor forum for threads that describe what worked and what did not for the PX-716A. Should be similar response from the 760A. Be advised that you may not be able to get 18x via USB if your system is not top of the line. Throughput may limit out around 14x-16x depending on processor and speed.

A simple ide-to-usb adapter should work, too. It does for my PlexWriter Premium. Be careful to purchase one with the correct power plug. Of course, speed limitations might apply.