Which External DVD Writer



I’m looking to buy a external dvd writer, but unsure as to which make
to go for. From various reviews on the net Its seems to be between
Plextor and Lacie.

Has anyone any useful comments?


Between Plextor and Lacie, I would definetely get PX-716UF.


My Plextor PX-716UF has performed as advertised for the few days I’ve had it and I’ve really done alot with it within that time. The Plextor has many features to help insure quality burns and the manual is well written and explains the many features employeed. I still uses and enjoy my slower 4X Iomega Super DVD Drive but it is apparent to me now how much further Plextor takes burning, burning quality techniques and putting useful features into the hands of the user.

The enclosure is large (to me) at approximately 7" wide and 10.5" deep but it wins hands down in the style department with its streamlined, smooth metal finish.

The support of DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL with firmware 1.04 really helped push me over the edge. I can’t predict the future and tell you I will be using DVD-R DL media for sure but I can tell you I like having the option to now. Furthermore, the promise of 6X write speeds for DVD+R DL AND DVD-R DL in a future firmware upgrade was just icing on the cake. Also, the choice of USB 2.0 and Fireware adds to the drive flexibility. Lastly, the CD+G support was important to me also.