Which external drive, E10L or H22N + USB case

I have just put my Pioneer 109 to the bin, it made so many coasters, but soon I discovered LG H22N, which I like a lot.

What external drive do you recommend for the best burn quality and long term burn purposes? To hunt for an external case with the proper chipset, and put an H22N into it, or I should be well with an E10L.

Is there proper fw support for E10L too? I have just ordered 200 TYG03 discs, so I think I should use some drive familiar to Taiyo -Rs

All recent LGs support 16x TY media. :slight_smile:
I would recommend getting an external drive if you want results immediately, so you won’t have to go through all the hassle with the right chipset and burst rate and stuff.

XCheck out the Big External enclosures thread, Posts by “clintb” on the oxford911plus/AT2+ external case for the LG22N. 18X burns after you get the settings right with the oxford 911+ based case.