Which external burner?



Hey I’m looking for a reliable external scanner & burner for my laptop, with 16X ripping if possible.

I already found a few options:

[ul][li]Lite-On 165P6SU
[/li][li]Samsung S184M
[/li][li]LG E10L
[/li][li]Some Sony’s, Plextor’s (expensive) and Lacie’s, but I think these are crappy drives compared to the 3 above
[/li][li](insert coin)[/ul]
An external enclosure was also an option, but, after reading many posts about chipsets, compatibility and stuff, seems like it would be difficult to find an adequate 5.25’’ case, especially in Portugal.

So, which burner do you recommend? :slight_smile:


Samsung SE S184M seems to be a solid and reliable external burner. Read Dee27s review here. :slight_smile:

Rip speed will most probably only be limited by your laptop…



if you also want a scanning drive, the only choice is the Liteon (besides Plextor). The scanning capabilites of Samsung is questionable, LG can’t scan at all.



Another thing to remember, if I recall correctly, is that a LiteOn in an external enclosure will scan only 60% of the errors on the disc versus the 80% for an internal LiteOn. Does anyone know the scanning interval on external LiteOn drives or if that’s even right? I know I heard that somewhere around here.

Either way, I prefer LiteOn drives to even Plextor in terms of scanning. Plextor’s scan at ONLY 2X CLV with PlexTools. They also require separate scans for PIE and PIF. So a PIE/PIF PlexTools scan will take 4X as long as a 4X CLV LiteOn scan. They’re great in terms of accuracy though. If you’ve got the time, you can scan for POE and Beta as well. However, almost everyone around here tries to scan with LiteOn for comparison purposes.

I’d also like to second mciahel’s point: Samsung’s are poor (read: inconsistent) scanners. I can do a DQ with my LiteOn and get nearly the same results.


Really? :frowning: Anyway, that’s the only good external scanner, right?

Should I buy an internal Lite-On 18A1H/20A1H and put it in a external enclosure instead? (it will be connected with USB2 because I haven’t any 6+ pin firewire port)
If yes, which chipset? Does Cypress work fine for this drive? Any specific version (like AT2 or something)?


The Cypress AT2+ chipset works fine. Some users have had quality control problems lately.