Which external burner should I get?

yet I need another 1!



I need it for making backups of dvd’s. + - media.




I need the best of the best, as i need solid dvd backups with good burn results

Your second link doesn’t work.

You’ll get that with the LG, minus quality scanning. But it’s an excellent burner given quality media.

I plan on using mostly TY - + media.

so will I get high scan results atleast 97% scan quality with the lg? I get about 96-97 on the EW1621 and I only plan on using TY media.

where do i find media scans for this burner???

@shady007 don’t take this wrong but i have seen your threads and would like to offer you my advice. Just buy a few burners at local stores so if they don’t work you can take them back for refund and you don’t have to RMA.

I get better prices on the interent then the overpriced ones in store.

If they won’t price match then just grab one, see how it works,keep it, or take it back for refund. If you like it then take it back and buy one online :doh:

I just mean if you can find them at a local store. You can read the reviews all day but when you have the drive to test on your own, that is the best way.
You have been starting many threads here for peoples opinions for a lot of drives. Self testing is the best way.
Good luck!