Which excellent quality DVD Burner / CD Extractor?


My current DVD burner (NEC ND-3520) is starting to fail me on every way (=reading and writing errors) so it’s a time to get a new one.

I want that my next DVD burner does the following:

  • Internal drive (5.25") with IDE interface
  • Region Free (RPC-0?, for me it’s ok to “upgrade” burner with good quality 3rd party firmware)
  • Ability to set DVD Book Type to DVD-Video permanently (at least for DVD+Rs) (=Bitsetting feature)
  • Fast and good quality DVD ripping (no Riplock - firmware patch?)
  • Fast and good quality CD audio extraction (true support for C2 error messages?)
  • Good quality burning for CDs and DVD±Rs

Burning speed, noise, support for DVD-RAM, DVD±DL features etc. are not so important for me.

Does this kind of DVD burner exist? Thank you beforehand!

[QUOTE=AnttiP;2056129]Does this kind of DVD burner exist? Thank you beforehand![/QUOTE]It certainly does. :slight_smile: Have a read at this review.


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Welcome AnttiP
If you want to stay with NEC the 7200 will do all that you want
oops! looks like Dee-27 beat me to it. I have a 7200 sata it is very nice.

> Welcome to the forum
> Welcome AnttiP

Thanks! I’ve been ramdomly reading CDFreaks something like 10 years but this is the first time I wrote something to the forum myself :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that NEC is now known as Optiarc… This seems to be a perfect drive for me. Thanks guys!! :smiley:

My local store does sell a newer version of this drive (“Sony NEC Optiarc AD7203A”). I assume that the version 7203 is as good as 7200? They should have same chipset etc. so are there any quality related discrepancies?

One guy wrote a comment to the review by CDFreaks:
"bianchifan (guest):
I’d no 7200A, I’d a 7203A
DVD+RDL: excellent
DVD+R/-R: very good - excellent
CD-R: TY(12x, 5y old) not readable
CD-RW: noname (from Feurio, 10x, 5y old) not readable
DVD+RW: Verbatim 8x (MKMA03) not readdable, I’ve only 1 test medium
Philips041 with performance problems when formatted on other drive (Pioneer 106 / Benq 1650) "

Do you have experience or have you read more about these problems with older CD-Rs? That would be a nasty surprise because I do own quite a lot of older CD-Rs.

I quickly read through the review and noticed the following text about DAE: “The extraction quality was excellent and performance was very good. However, the Optiarc AD-7200A does not support reading lead-in or lead-out.”. What does this mean in practise? I can’t read table of contents or lead-out data? How does this matter?

The 7203 supports LabelFlash (direct to disc labelling), other than that feature, both drives are identical.
As for not supporting leadin and leadout, i have never found this a problem while extracting audio files.

I have some very old Prodisc 16x CD-R media. No problems with these. I can’t comment on the TY 12x stuff as i don’t have it. But i would think if your 3520 copes with it OK, you should have no problems with the 7200/7203.

Ok, thank you for the quick answers! I’m going to get the 7203.

Your welcome. :slight_smile:
Please let us know how you get on with the new drive.