Which DVI Video Card?

I need help deciding which video card to buy. I want the most bang for my bucks, but don’t want a card with features I’ll never use. I have a Samsung 204b LCD monitor with analog and digital inputs. I’m sure the digital signal would give a much clear & crisp picture. I am not a gamer, I work with video, photo’s and text documents. I appreciate your help.

speaking about bucks , whats your budget? it will be easier to give suggestions if ill know , also from what country are you? just so ill know what type of bucks your talkin about & be able to recommend an online store

I don’t care about cost, only that I get whay I’m paying for and not overkill. I live in the USA. Thanks.

I like my PowerColor Radeon 9250 cards. I guess those made by Sapphire and others should be good also.

They are cheap, they work well, and XP has the driver. Plug in and go. I can now fast user switch without problems, unlike when I had other video cards installed.

By the way, I don’t see any difference between DVI and analog. Both look good to me.

I have dual 17 inch LCD monitors.

i forgot to ask , whats your motherboard? , the current video card standard is pci-e , older motherboards have agp… so naturally you must buy a card that will fit, if you dont know then get pcwizard http://www.cpuid.org/download/pcw2007_v172.exe , have a look at the “mainboard” field