Which dvd's should i buy?

i am getting a epson r200 so i can use the inkjet printable dvd’s. i have seen some hub printable taiyo yuden, verbatim, ritek, and fuji’s online. i have never used the printable ones before i was wondering which ones would be the best. i would like to find some before my printer arrives so i will be ready to test everything out. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :bow:


What burner are yiu using in what system?


external lite on sohw 1633s with a p4 2.8ghz 1gig of ddr ram laptop.

For the LiteOn you should probably stick with TY and Verbatim.

ok those are the two i have narrowed it down to, but which one will work best. there is another thread asking this. i have used regular verbatim +r dl and had very good success with, i have never used any taiyo yuden. i have never used inkjet printable dvd’s, so which one would be better the ty’s or the verbatim’s?

Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden, or Mitsubishi/Verbatim DVD+R.


i have only seen the 50 or the 100 spindles, so between the verbatim and the taiyo yuden’s should i go with, i will be printing the labels on them with an epson r200 and burning them with a lite on sohw 1633s,


Better for what? Either one will burn well enough for you.


Many have said - and I have verified - that LiteOns and Sony burners seem to prefer the +R medias and either the TY or Verbatim will do just fine for you IMO-


I have been using the inkjet printable Pro Disc ones fromshop4tech.com and printing them with an Epson Photo Stylus R800 printer with great results. I am using the DVD-R’s by the way (see link below).


I have used Prodisc 16X DVD+R printable and TY 8x DVD+R Printable (bought 600 the other day of these). For my own personal use, I use the Prodisc since they are half the price. For videos I send out to clients, I use TY. I have the same printer and they both print to excellent.

If the price tag is pretty close between the two I would opt for Taiyo Yuden as their quality and consistancy seems to be just a hair higher than Verbatim (MCC). If there is a rather substantial gap in price though, I would go with the Verbs. So I would say that it all comes down to cost. :wink: