Which dvdrw

Hi I was once an owner of a nec 2500a but it has packed in when the electric went off in my place while burning a disk and now the drive no longer reads or writes dvds although cd’s r fine. So I doubt ill be too keen on getting another nec. I’m just posting this to ask which burner would you suggest?

Have a look at BenQ DW1640 or a clone of it such as Plextor PX-740 or Sony DRU-810.

Don’t necessarily blame NEC for this. I think many makes of burner would have been ruined by this.

The Benq 1640 is well thought off as is the Liteon 1693, the Pioneer 110D seems to be getting there & LG make a fine range. I love my LG 4163B , well like it a lot really.