Which DVDRs to buy?



Quick question for the pros… ive been told that Sony, Maxell, & TDK are some of the best to burn on. Is this true? and is it true only if they are MADE IN JAPAN? I almost bought a spindle of Sony Dvd+r today but they were Made in Taiwan, but the Dvd-r were made in JAPAN. But I prefer +r’s regardless. So, should i only get Made in Japan? Or will any SONY, MAXELL, and TDK do? Thanks for the help. 1


About the only thing I can rely on now is that Genuine Taiyo Yuden media rocks. Even the “B” grade stuff sold at Supermediastore scans better than some of the branded stuff I’ve come across. Today, I returned some MIJ Maxell +R. The stuff burns OK, but scans like crap. I’ve got a spindle of Verbatim -R (MIT) that has dye defects that only show up after burning. These are going back to Verbatim for exchange. Brand name doesn’t mean much. MIJ is better than MIT, but as my Maxell experience shows, it’s not everything. I almost picked up some MIT Sony today, but came to my senses. (RANT ON) I asked myself why should I purchase dvd’s with the hope that they’re from a good batch or made in a certain country. Quality should be a given if you attach Sony, Verbatim, Maxell, etc to the label. (RANT OFF)

The best place to get genuine TY (- and +) is Rima.com. Their prices are pretty good and their packing/shipping is exceptional. Check out their ratings at resellerratings.com.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: