Which DVD

Am planning on buying a DVD burner soon.Can anyone tell me if the Liteon 851S is a later model than the 811S. The specs on both seem to be identical yet some peole are expressing that they are having problems with the 851S. Is the 812S a better prospect. Apart from that it will burn DVD-R at 8x in testing it seems the 811 is a little faster and does just as good a job. There is only about $40Au difference between them but have been caught out with false economy before.

851S is newer but identical to the 811S save for a newer pickup head. Neither the 811 nor the 851 can burn -R at 8x.

The 812 is far superior because it is possible to load 832 firmware on the 812 and enable dual layer burning. (Warning: this will void your warranty and not too many actual test burns have taken place yet due to the scarcity of media)

The 812 is the clear choice.