Which DVD writer's the best?

After 3 years of torturing, my LG 4167B DVD writer could no longer recognize DVD content without many retries. Now I intend to purchase another DVD writer for replacement. SATA or IDE interface were OK for me although I prefer SATA type for performance issue.

My PC used Gigabyte GA-8S655FX-L motherboard and OS installed was Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2.

The manual has below description related to SATA:

  • Onboard SiS 964
  • 2 Serial ATA connectors in 150 MB/s operation mode
  • Supports Disk striping (RAID0) or DISK Mirroring (RAID1)
  • Support JBOD function
  • Supports UDMA up to 150 MB/sec
  • UDMA and PIO Modes
  • Up to 2 SATA Device

I remembered SATA was set to IDE mode in BIOS when I installed my SATA II HDD.

Could anyone comment on below DVD models, which one would you recommend:

Samsung TSH 653 SATA, TS H652 IDE
Lite-On DH20A4P IDE, DH-20A4H IDE, LH-18A3L SATA, iHAS120 SATA, iHAS220 SATA
Pioneer DVR-116 IDE, DVR-216 SATA, DVR-S16 SATA, DVR-A16FX
Philips SPD2517BM SATA, SPD2517BD SATA

I use my new DVD writer heavily on video conversion. Those videos (20-40 chapters) will be burned from my Pioneer DVR-550H-s recorder. I do the conversion everyday. That is, 20-40 video clips will be extracted from DVD-RW (or DVD+RW) disc everyday and converted to mpg files using TSUNAMI MPEG DVD EasyPack. I seldom playback DVD directly from DVD drive and I don’t burn DVD using my DVD drive often i.e. less than 1 disc burnt everyday on average.

I prefer SATA DVD writer because I think IDE interface will fade out in coming motherboards and I think my Gigabyte motherboard will “die” before the new DVD writer I buy soon. Besides, I found my current IDE LG drive occupied all the CPU time sometimes during video coversion from DVD+/-RW. I hope that a new SATA interface DVD writer will avoid my PC from being “hung up” when it’s working on video conversion.

PS: Due to my bad experience with my current LG DVD writer, I prefer other brands of DVD writers. Yet, if you think LG drive quality have no problem so, please still suggest which model you prefer.


You absolutely can not go wrong with a lite on or pioneer. I dont think Ive had either one burn a coaster ever… and Ive had multiple models from each manufacturer.

If you’re burning DL discs I’d stay away from LiteOns, but these drives are commonly used as readers/scanners. The SATA Pioneers (215/216) are really good burners but bad/picky readers (and don’t even try scanning :p). Samsung (653/183/203x series) and Optiarc (720x similar to the Sony V200S) are good all-around, and supports some scanning capabilities. I’d stay away from ASUS, especially those you’ve mentioned - they’re borderline decent. LGs generally burn well but don’t support scanning, while the new Philips drives are also designed/manufactured by LiteOn.

I don’t know that HP unit, but it’s probably a rebadge since they don’t manufacture nor design their own drives.

Just pick a SATA drive after looking at some reviews on your specific models available here in the forum, but by brand+intended use (and from the models listed) my top choices would be:[ul]
[li]Samsung (very good all-rounder even with CDs, very good/resilient reader)[/li][li]Sony/Optiarc (good all-rounder)[/li][li]LG (good reader/writer)[/li][li]LiteOn (good reader, decent burner)[/li][/ul]

Older members will probably offer their input which might probably vary from my opinion, but from what I know (which is limited at best) these are the top choices that you should be considering. It would be good if you could get a drive that supports some scanning to check the quality of your burns from your Pioneer recorder - it might be an exceptional burner, but sometimes even the best blank media could vary in quality. Good luck on your purchase! :slight_smile: