Which DVD Writers support Dual Layered Dvds



Hi Everyone,

Just what the subject line states, which DVD Writers support dual layered disks. I've been waiting to purchase a DVD Writer for sometime, but the reason why I haven't yet, is because I'm in the understanding that there aren't any available yet. Is that right?

If not, then please can any one tell me which Writers do support dual layered.

In great anticipation



AFAIK none of them, though I could be wrong.


You’re right, there’re no dual layer recorders, neither are there plans I know of.


thanks for the prompt reply, then I may as well just purchase a standard one, thats if there is definately none to be made for dual layered disks



nope, i think they are far off in the future if they come at all.


Considering that the laser would have to burn thru the first layer without altering it, I doubt it would be possible, ever. Unless they made the bottom layer something like a cd-rw so the could erase it then re-write it.


Dual layer DVD burners will never be available since dual layer media are pressed - not burnt.

There is another DVD format coming out for PC (already available in Oz for DVD-TV Recorders) that will allow compression up to 8 hours on a single sided DVD+RW.

Check out the back of a Sony DVD+RW case and you will see :
HQ Recording = 1 hour
SP Recording = 2 hours
LP Recording = 3 hours
EP Recording = 4 hours
SLP Recording = 6 hours
SEP Recording = 8 hours

At the moment, only 4.7Gb max (240 minutes) on a single side which is great - even better when double sided blank DVDs come out.



basically the reason why I need the large storage capacity of a dvd, is because I want to backup my movie dvds, and NOT use any compression software such as DIVX, I basically want a 1:1 copy, I know that they are protected, I have the software for that, I heard someone in this thread mention Double sided dvds, has ne1 got ne info on them?

Will they do the job, and does the new Pioneer A04 (i think) compatible with them?

Thanks in advance



I have not seen double sided blank DVDs yet but have heard and read about them. I do not even know what format (+ or -) they are!
As for 1:1 copy of DVDs, most movies will not work since most of them extend over the 4.7Gb onto the second layer. You have to rip them to bring them down in size, and even then, some movies are still over the 4.7Gb and require 2 DVDs. A good example if the movie Flubber - takes up 5.1Gb with extras but after ripping subtitles and extras fits onto 4.7Gb - but it is the movie only and not a true 1:1.



thats the main reason why i want either a dual layered (going from the previous posts, that option is a no go’er), or a Double layer, because I know that movie DVDs go well over the 4.something gb.

I suppose I’m gonna have to go with the Pioneer A04 as from what I’ve read that seems to be the best.

But thanks for all of your advice, its appreciated.