Which DVD writers are considered the most reliable

I want to build a pc machine that has exceptional reliability and am looking for advice on the hardware that might be used including DVD writers. Any suggestions or urls to check most welcome.
tia :wink:

There is no way to get high degrees of reliability in this area as the costs are too low. No way you will get what you want with $14 of parts. The best best would be to add redundancy. This way you take advantage of the low cost. I would suggest the Pioneer 111 as it is an excellant writer and seems reliable.

Well every user has his or her own preferance. I like Ben Q’s and Lite on’s myself.

Ditto on that Doc.
Right now I’m pretty much using a Benq 1655 and a Liteon 165H6S, both oem, free shipping and dirt cheap. It’s my first Benq and my 6th Liteon (sure do love my liteys… :iagree:
Anyway, the comparison in a nutshell, the Benq’s a better burner and the litey’s a better reader. However, both are outstanding drives.

Reliable burns/writes?
Reliable hardware ?

Ditto for the BenQ and Pioneer on reliable burns.

I have had most every brand I’ve used fail on me… including my three day old Pioneer 111D… and a BenQ 822, 1620, and 1650. (All in different PC’s under moderate use, say 10 burns a week) But I would buy BenQ in a heart beat… and would consider another Pioneer if I didn’t replace it with an LG for almost nothing.

LGs and LiteOns would be my preference, although I do like BenQ as well. :slight_smile:

My vote goes to both NEC and BenQ drives.

Well, there you are. All the major brands have been mentioned; usually what happens when such a question is asked here. That’s part of the reason I own them all.

Yeah, everyone has a preference. Just go for the one with the most votes :bigsmile:

I vote for at least one of each. :iagree:

Caught the burner bug, I see :bigsmile: