Which DVD writer?

Looking to buy a DVD writer in UK

Which 1 is the best or does n e 1 know good webby for such reviews ?

I assuming with the research so far that the DVD-r is best to go for ?

Any help appreciated, thx in advance.


If you can wait there are several new ones worth getting… which are faster and do more stuff :slight_smile:

Care to elaborate? :bow:


I also would be grateful if you could elaborate on the new drives in the pipeline. I’m new at this and looking to buy a DVD writer. What pitfalls are there? Do most drives work with generic disks or do they only like branded or … even their own? Any help really appreciated. Thanks:bow:

Well LG is about to release a burner that does DVD-R and RAM… and faster CDR recording ability… its kinda like a Panasonic+Pioneer rolled into 1.

Sanyo is bringing one out that does x4 recording.

Pioneer also is bringing a x4 recorder.

Not too much info yet though… except wait for around 6 weeks.