Which dvd writer?

Hi guys
hope this post is in right place. I would like advise on which dvd writer in your opinion is the best at the moment. I have read many reviews but not knowing to much about the subject it is still difficult to decide. One thing that is important to me is the ability to write a good cd, ie. one that is in with a chance of playing on my quite old but very good quality Technics system, which is temperamental to say the least ,on playing any cd that I write. I realise that it is a maybe a matter of personal choice but the names of a few makes and models would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

I would suggest a BenQ 1650/1655 or a Pioneer 111.

Pioneer 111 is looking very good at the moment, IMO…I’ve also heard good stuff about BenQ drives. I favour LG also. :slight_smile:

Well, frankly from my units CDs seems to wrote best in Plex 712. Now I just read that there is a new Plextor Premium CD writer available with stunning quality-adjustements for audio discs so if you are interested it worth an eye.