Which DVD writer to read perfect but unreadable media?

Hope someone can help.

I have a few CDs, some of which have labels (I learnt too late), containing computer data. They are unscratched and used to work up to 6 months ago. Now they are unreadable.

My Liteon DVDRW-SHM-165P6S (on Windows XP) says they have track and session data but no data files. Tried other drives with Windows 98 but these say they found an audio track.

I am using IsoBuster and CD-Roller (will purchase full versions as soon as one of them works) but with little luck. I was told that I must experiment with different drives as these will have different tolerance levels.

Now although I am on a tight budget, I do care for this data and wish to have it back. My question is which DVD drive should I buy to guarantee high error tolerance levels and thus be able to retrieve the data?

Thanks for any help

You might have luck with a Samsung SH-S182D, or an older model LiteOn (1693S for example is a good reader).

Samsung. excellent error correction , excellent optics. The newer Samsung drives can read almost any disk, no mater in what condition it is.


This is about CD media, isn’t it? If we can trust the reviews from cdrinfo.com (here only the error correction checks are of interest), then a Benq 165x should do a better job than the Samsung.
The Samsung drives are excellent DVD readers, but its capabilities of reading bad CD media aren’t that outstanding.


Thanks for the feedback.

I have shown the disks to a friend of mine who runs a business recovering lost data. Upon seeing the disks he gave me a nasty look and suggested that these were stored in a humid environment. He also pointed out that some of the silver layer had turned to bronze.

Now I have no specific measure of humidity, but since I live in Malta, I guess humidity is a fact of life here. Only two CDs have turned brownish though, the others still look perfect.

If he fails to recover the data I will opt for one of your suggestions. Although my chances of success will be even narrower then.

I’m surprised the liteon failed, they are some of the best readers.
maybe try one of the older CD only liteons, I’m not sure which model would be best though


is there any chance to remove the label? Perhaps in warm water with a little soap or something like that?


one sure way to remove the label is by using petroleum based solvents but that is likely to damage the data as much as the label’s glue if not more.

I believe there is nothing wrong with the labels though. The CDs worked well for the past 3 years (at intervals of 6 months)

I admit I did not use CD checking software, but I learnt about that belatedly.


Which DVD writer to read perfect but unreadable media?

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