Which DVD Writer to Buy

I am about to buy a DVD Writer to replace my aging CD writer, and give me dvd writing seeing as they now seem to be so cheap. I have been out of the game for a while and am not sure what to get.

I am looking ay 8x and above drives, the possibilities I have looked at are;
(Preferably drives with a black version)

NEC 2500A £44.36
+Can be flashed to 2510 for Dual Layer Compatibility
-Slow CD Writing
-Reading Problems?

LG GSA4082BB £45.70
+3 Format Writing apparently (not that I really care)
-Slow CD writing
-No Black Version

Liteon SOHW-812S £50.39
+Fast CD Writing
-No Black Version
-Cluttered Bezel

Nec ND-2510 £51.99
+Dual Layer
-Slow CD Write Speeds
-More Expensive than 2500

Toshiba SDR5272-B £52.69
+Will look nice with my Toshiba DVD
-Average CD Write Speeds
=Half Height???

Ideally I was looking to spend about £40-£50 for a drive, The drive is primarily going to be used for backing up data, and the occasional game. Ideally i am looking for a solid drive with good media compatibility, that will reliably write data to both CD and DVD.

What do the pundits recommend (dosent have to be one of the above)?

NEC ND-2500a or ND-2510a Keeping in mind the price difference between the two is less than the cost of one single DL blank media. :wink:

32X CDR write speed ain’t exactly slow, and the quality of the burns (media dependent) is very very good, as is the quality of DVD burns on those drives.

for those looking for the 2500 in north america: Officemax will have it on sale again badged as a maddog dominator 8x the 1th of aug til the 7th it looks like.

89.99 out the door - 40 MIR = 49.99

we just got some 8x + and 8x - Media (memorex) in but everything else we have already burns @6 8x with herries firmware anyway so no big deal.

Hi nb- well as far as Data DVD burning goes there is not much different between the Nec 2510A and LiteOn 812S so for that both will do the job, as far as reading media goes the LiteOn 812S is a lot better than the Nec , and as far as backing up games, well you need a good reader to be able to back the game up, so I would say you are better off with the 812S and if you want it in Black , I just got a black Bezel for my one for $ 4 AUS in your money it would be about 1.5 pounds and it looks WICKED-AS :iagree: all it has on it is a sliver DVD on the centre of the tray, as for Nec it’s all black and looks plain and boring

Nec 2510A is the way to go. I picked mine up for $178 AUD and it hasn’t skipped a beat in over 50 burns, no coasters. Make sure you have XP because some people have had probs with Win98, Me etc. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have a decent reader, so its not mutch of an issue, I would go for the LitOn if i could find the black bezels in the UK, although plane and boring with the nec is the ticket I was ideally looking for :slight_smile: Anyone seen the Black LitOn Bezels in the UK? The only one i can find is £3.41 Lite-on Black bezel for 851S/812S, (microdirect.co.uk) recon it would fit the DVD writer?

Also how noisey are the LitOns?

ND-2500A seems to be a good choice if the prices are like that.

Most Lite-On drives are noisy especially at higher speeds, but one actually has to use the drive to see if it matters. It almost never prevented me from keeping five Lite-On DVD writers.