Which DVD Writer To Buy?

Hi im planning on buying a dvd-rw

and i was told that liteon LDW-411s Was the one to go for?

any help would be appreciated

im new to this DVD Writer stuff



Nothing wrong with Lite-on burners. It would be a good choice if you want a 4x burner. You might want to look around the net at the reviews coming out on the 8x burners, such as the Plextor PX-708A. A lot depends on your budget of course.

Next year they’ll be coming out with the dual density burners–they will be very expensive at first I imagine, but a definate upgrade from current drives. But that’s the way it always is with computers; as soon as you get something in hand it will be surpassed by something else.

ok thanks

The 411S is right here at a good price

I am off to the shop in the morning for a Dvd writer after reading many many reviews and looking at drives that fall in to my budget i have got down to four drives >>

Pioneer DVR-A06

LiteOn LDW-411S DVD+/-RW

NEC ND-1300A (Dual Writer +/-)

Optorite DD0203 (Dual Writer) RTL Kit

All the same price …all i am using it for is backing up movies and hard drive…its not fair too may choices help me out guys

(ps done search but with newer firmwares opinions change on whats a good drive).

Go to SVP

They have the 106 @

£99.99 Including VAT at 17.5%
gotta be a good buy!!!

The local shop near me are doing all the drives between £99-£110 inc vat plus its easy to take back if anything is wrong…but thanks for the link @ a great price too.