Which DVD-writer to buy?




I’m about to buy my second DVD-writer…

Last time I simply did go for the cheapest I could find, and that resulted in Optiarc AD-7170S which I’ve flashed with the latest modified firmware by Dee’s

And that’s working rather good, a lot better than I first expected for a “cheap” DVD-writer.

This time I’m looking for a somewhat “superior” DVD-writer.
Which one do you recommend as the currently best DVD-writer on the market?

And what is best between IDE / S-ATA / P-ATA?
What’s the differences?

I normally use DVD+R / DVD-R and CD-R disks from Taiyo Yuden.
I have a few left of my “YUDEN000T03” DVD+R 16x disks and a few 48x CD-R disks…

What disks do you recommend me to buy when I run out?
Is Taiyo Yuden the best disks, or should I switch to another brand?


we i am personally looking for a second burner so the dvd writer issue I cant help you there :frowning:

But regarding the Medias i recommend either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden medias.