Which DVD writer to buy



Hello All,

My name is graham, i am hoping that someone can help me with a small problem. i need to buy a DVD Writer and have a choice of Four, they are as follows :
1:TS-H552B/WRBH Samsung dual layer.
2:DUW-1608 Aopen
3:GO-W1608A Gigabyte
4:SOHW-1633B Liteon
which is the best for writing backups and home videos also with ready available firmware for newer media.

Thanking you in advance.


I would stay away from the AOPEN drive, my friend bought one and it is terrible…After searching for support on the drive, I found that many other people were having problems with it also, there is no firmware fix, and AOPEN has not even tried to resolve the problem as of last week…

I dont know about the Gigabyte drive, but IMHO, if I had to pick between the Gigabyte and the Lite-On, I would pick the Lite-On.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


NEC or BenQ drives are tops in my books.



I have two NEC ND-3500a’s and they have proven to be very reliable and very well supported in these forums - and when used with good medias like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell - they give excellent burns-



Pioneer, NEC or Benq would be the way to go. I personally lean towards the Pioneer since the latest 109 model supports D/L DVD-R writing and I have had pretty good luck with Pioneer drives (the old 105 still works great). It really depends on what features you would like your drive to have though (ie error rate scanning, D/L DVD-R burning, ect.) . I certainly wouldn’t purchase any of the writers you have on your list. BTW it might help if you specified which country you lived in so we could point you in the direction of the best special offers.


I say Buy the gigabyte (even though it is prolly to late) Also do you know a site to buy the gigabyte GO-W1608A ??