Which DVD Writer to buy for


My friend and Im from Serbia, we dont have much choice when we buying new dvd-r writers.
Here is a small list what we can buy here.

Pionner DVR-216 S-Ata
LG GH22NS30 S-Ata
Samsung SHS-223Q DVD-RW S-Ata
and NEC AD-7200S 18x SATA Black OEM

that`s All.

I have Good old Pioneer DVR-A07XLA for Audio CDs and some DVD-R and my Lite On LH-20A1S dying. He cant even recognize CD-R, DVD+DL anymore, only i can write to DVD+R and DVD-R atm.

I need DVD Writer who can write good to DVD ±R (DL will be nice too). No need to have Disc Quality scan ability. I hope so my Lite on will not die completly, so i`ll use him for scans, because that part still working :).

I already read here that we need to avoid new Plextors and for decent CD burning performance, avoid Liteon drives and its clones also, avoid the new 22x DVD burners from Samsung etc.
So is any of this model are good for DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+DL recordings?


p.s. sorry for bad english…:bow:

[B]NEC AD-7200S 18x SATA Black OEM[/B]

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What evo69 said. :iagree:

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[QUOTE=DrageMester;2232128]What evo69 said. :iagree:

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Thanx, i was here befoe but my username is no more… If i rememebr it was SolarFox :slight_smile: but nm this one will work…
thanx i`ll try to get that one. but searching this forum for scans of that drive now :slight_smile: