Which DVD Writer should I choose to buy?


I’m a newbie looking for buying a new DVD writer.

Few models that are available in my country are:

  • Lite-On iHAS124 (don’t know which revision)

  • LG GH24NSD0 (LG one, also a Hitachi branded one)
  • Asus 24D5MT (same as above?)

  • Asus DRW-24F1MT
  • Asus DRW-24F1ST
    (not sure what kind of rebrands are those. there are samsung, lite-on and LGs?)

  • Samsung SH-224DB

  • Pioneer DVR-S21LBK, DVR-S21LWK, 221BK and 221LBK (confused about these but I guess they’re all QSI made)

I want a reliable&durable drive that won’t s**t the bed few years later.

It should be doing writes with good enough quality (even if not perfect). I don’t care about speed in slightest :upside_down_face:

I won’t burn audio/video discs just file writes. not doing dvd rips either.

Also the Lite-On is $4-6 cheaper than the rest so I wonder if there’s something especially wrong with it :upside_down_face:


The only one i have personally used was the Liteon 124F. Most likely that is for sale where you found it. It did not seem like a reliable drive to me.
The LG and the Asus 24d5mt are the same drive, a good quality writer but also with reliability problems as i have heard.
The next two Asus drive are Samsung rebrands, although i do not recall which models exactly.
The Samsung Sh-224db seems like the best choice from your list.
Those 4 Pioneer drives are actually the same Qsi clone model. Nothing special about it.

DRW-24F1ST has a, b, c, d revisions. First revision was SH-224BB. Later revisions were rebadged Lite-on and LG’s, that’s why I wasn’t sure. I guess it’d be an LG unless it’s an extremely old stock.
Not sure about DRW-24F1MT though. First revision is SH-224FB but I couldn’t find anything about later revisions. I guess it’d be preferable compared to Sh-224bb and Sh-224db?

What kind of unrealibility did you experience with it?

I digged a little bit but I couldn’t find any comments about QSI drives. Nothing good but nothing bad either.


The 124F i got was second hand and it read fine but wrote slowly (i think the opu was used up and created rings on dvds).
It was basically struggling to write.

Good to know, thanks.

I couldn’t find any later revision of Asus 24F1MT so it is most likely SH-224FB. Seems to be best of the lot so probably I’ll go with it.

I would.
I think it’s your best choice.

hlds_table_v1.1.pdf (60.1 KB) liteon_table_v1.7.pdf (61.9 KB) NEC table.pdf (54.5 KB) tsst_table_v0.9.pdf (54.9 KB)

By the way, these are the manufacturer’s list of drives and their clones.
Many thanks to the people who put their effort in this.

Not all models where available here.

The latest Samsung are good drives in wiriting quality with most media, but I have som 224GB which are very noisy in some cases because of vibrations. The same problem I have with some DB and especiall with all my 224BB (not recommended overall by me)

Stay away from newer LG DVD-drives if you use your drives often. Stil one of the best in writing quality, but mostly noisy and short lifetime.

The LiteOn actually are very reliable, I also use it in my job often since 2016 and none of them failed. I replace some LG GH24NSC0 and especially D1 which are very unreliable.

But the 124F/324F with older FW have a problem with MCC 004, an if you get one of these drives you can´t find an official newer FW which fix this problem.

Noise is not a huge problem for me. How is their durability?
I have a broken SH-223F. Until now I didn’t think about it and chalked it up to the infamous bad firmware issue of that model. Now after digging up more I found some comments questioning later models durability, too, and that started to shake my confidence in the brand.

Guess what? Checked my blanks and I have spindle full of MMC-004-00 from a decade?? ago :grinning: For new blanks I’m planning to buy HP DVD+R even though I’ve no idea whatever their MID is.

I visited seller page for liteon again and model is listed as IHAS124 “DH16AFSH”. Which model exactly is that?

What’s the cross flashing story with 124F? I saw someone in 124F thread flashed it to newer Plextor 819S fw but couldn’t quite understand if it’s applicable to all models and how beneficial was it.

I visited seller page for liteon again and model is listed as IHAS124 “ DH16AFSH ”. Which model exactly is that?

That’s the F model.
Crossflashing this drive is kind of a headache.

No failure so far with all my Samsung Half Height from 222AB to 224GB. I like also the fast disc recognizing times of it, my biggest point of criticism is still the vibrations of some models.

I´m not so pleased with my Samsung Slimline DVD-writers, no total failures but some of them start to have reading-problems and decreasing writing quality.

I contacted the seller and they said their iHAS124 have manufacturing date of March 2017. So I guess it’ll have sth. like CL9M firmware and will be problematic with MCC-004 media.

I can burn those media with my older laptop drives. But then I can write everything except DVD DL with those and gave up on buying a new drive since all newer drives suck :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did know new media sucked but I didn’t know new drives were also this bad. Honestly, I’m kinda losing my interest. Maybe I’ll just wait for a good deal on a new Pioneer BDR to hop on blu-ray train or just continue with 8TB external hdds :pensive:

The Pioneer BDR are great drives for writing DVD.

Not sure whether the MCC 004 problem also exists with older media, I can confirm this problem only for MCC 004 from 2017 or newer

That’s good to know, thanks.

So what I gather is Samsung and LiteOn is both kinda meh, while Samsung is slightly better in writing and LiteOn is better in scanning and noise. I’m impartial to both of them.

Rest of my post is my tangential rant so feel free to skip it :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t bother writing DVDs had I have a blu-ray writer :grinning:

It’s not only about MCC-004 issue. I think I might’ve got carried away with the whole thing. 10 years ago DVDs were still cutting it but nowadays data is a lot bigger.
Blu-ray was always enticing to me but recorders (heck even readers) are scarce and expensive.
DVD±DL is horrible and most-expensive media-wise and meh drives.
DVDs I can always burn them with a heap of old laptop drives that’s been lying around if I can accept quality to be mediocre, and that I haven’t burned a single one in the last 7-8 years must be telling something.

True, it depneds on the kind of data and the size.

I´m still using DVDs, in my job as a software-tester and in private, especially for movies I recorded for my father. It would go to far to explain why I did burn on DVD, so I don´t try :wink:

Maybe I also use it because I have a lot of empty DVD-media, maybe because most of my first burned DVDs still works good after 16 years while some of my first burned BD-Rs wasn´t readable after 3 years (mostly Ritek). OK, later I´ve learned I stored my BD-R in the wrong place and used the wrong manufacturer.

And in the times of crypt trojans I also burned my most important data also on BD-R, it´s more save than any HDD/SSD/FLashdrive

Dunno what Pioneer did, but the DVD-writing-quality of their BDR-drives are better than the last real Pioneer DVD-writers, 216 and 217.

I would search the second hand market for a Liteon Ihas 124 A or B or a Optiarc 7200S/7240S/7280S.
In good condition these are proper drives.

I found s listing for AD-7200S though I have no idea what condition it’s in.

Is it a much better drive than Optiarc AD-7173A I already have?

Yes, in my opinion.
All 7170/5170 i had have had trouble with reading dual layer discs.
Writing is also better on the 7200/5200 series.

Agree, the 7173 likes to burn especially DVD-R awful and scans show high PIF-spikes if scanned with a MTK-drive

I got distracted by other things for few weeks and in the mean time Asus branded Samsung was out of stock. So I bought the Lite-On.

It arrived and turned out to be the PREMM2 model. Manufactured in 2017 as the seller already said, so I’m waiting for updating the firmware before installing it in my main system.

It’s impossible to find publically available unencrypted firmware bin for this model, though. Crossflashing to Plextor 891SAF Plus might be also possible (and it has much newer firmware available), but similarly I need to find an unencrypted bin first.