Which DVD Writer should i buy this time? (Jan-07)

Its got to that time of the year again when i have spare cash to burn and i’m thinking i need a new DVD writer as the i’ve currently got is getting a bit old . . .
So was wondering whats the current flavour of the month? Looking for the best drive for burning premium (TY/Verbatim) media at 16x and with doing DVD+R DL 8x and is likely to have good updated firmware to cope with improvements made in DL tech.
So pick a brand in the poll and if you care to drop a version number would be appriciated.

I didn’t vote, but I am curious to hear what the consensus is. But I’d like a couple of features included in the decision; lightscribe intrigues me, and of course… you want a burner that can be easily “upgraded/patched” with firmware, and lastly… I’d want a burner that was as reliable as possible and would sacrifice speed to ensure I always get excellent quality burns and as few coasters as possible. I really haven’t looked hard, but are any of the new burners SATA?

I went for “other” as I’m loving both my Samsung SH-S182D (great 18x burns on all varieties of Verbatim MCC004!) and my external LG E10N.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t multiple choice, so I couldn’t vote LG as well.

Ditto/Toshiba/Samsung needs to be on your list with Pio and Liteon. These seem to pretty good burners these days.
:cool: :bigsmile:

Got to say Lightscribe really doesn’t interest me much considering how much the discs are, how slow it is and the fact its monochrome. As for a SATA connection do you really need one as going through the standard IDE is fast enough, unless of course your new motherboard doesn’t have IDE ports.

And yeah should have probably put Samsung on the list being a relatively new on making good burners didn’t included them and can’t seem to change the poll.

I voted Other.
The Samsung SH-S182D and LG GSA-H22N both love the MCC 004’s I’m feeding them.
But the LG is also faster, and I’m a sucker for LG writers.
The SH-S182D is the first ever Samsung I bought. But it’s already rookie of the year.
I use the BenQ DW1650 and Lite-On LH-18A1P mainly for reading and scanning. Both only went through 3 test burns each sofar, only to test if they were OK. So I didn’t/can’t vote for those two.

BTW. Which manufacturer is LQ ?
Or are you referring to the Panasonic LQ DVD-recorders ?

Glad you’re liking your Sammy :wink:

LQ = typo I think the OP meant LG :wink:

Bingo . . .

Looking like be getting a Samsung then; does anyone know if the companys any good at keeping the firmware upto date? There website looks pretty but as Samsung use live update i can’t see how many firmware updates they’ve made since the drive came out.

Fixed. :wink:

Yes, Sammy is yummy.
And because of that typo I voted wrong. Lucky Sam.

I see you changed your Avatar. Did Salem twist your arm ?

This may be a dumb/obvious question but been looking at LiteOn DVD writers and went to the appropriate forum section and see LiteOn & Sony have the same forum area; so the question is how are they related, is LiteOn a sub company of Sony if it is will have to avoid them like the plague . . .

Lovin’ my LG H22N…

Sony has only rebadged drives from other manufacturers like Liteon and BenQ lately. Also they have “teamed up” with NEC to form Optiarc. Like Philips with BenQ, BenQ with Plextor (partly), Hitachi with LG, Toshiba with Samsung (TSST) and so on.

The LG doesn’t do PIE/PIF scanning does it? Pity, as I want a replacement thats a decent scanner as well.

That’s Liteon, of course. Liteon 165P6S is a good burning quality drive with scanning ability. You may go 18A1P/20A1P for “tweak” fun. :bigsmile:

I was fully committed to benq into the future so of course there now is no benq. Bought by lite-on where lite-on was nearly a last choice. Even good burners with good firmware will eventually run into media they don’t understand or that may be out of spec to the burners firmware. Benq had that beat with its adaptive burning strategy. I could burn any media at any speed and the worst burn was about as good as the best burn from my lite-on.
Now I’m tempted by the current samsung and LG products but although they burn current media well I don’t depend on that in the future. Also its irritating that a drive cannot scan its own quality. I don’t want to trust any burner too simplistic to read the quality of its own burn.
Lite-on can test its own burns the problem is, the burns aren’t so hot. I question a company so stupid as to try and recreate the wheel and make their own adaptive burner with the new generation when they just bought benq (the best) and retired the whole series. Are people really chasing 18x-20x burning (for <1 min savings) while still accepting a burner that can’t burn half of your current media? Look at these polls. Benq has left a gaping hole in the optical drive marketplace. Lite-on should be able to fill it nicely but so far they don’t even want to try.

nomadh, I’m probably a bit biased about this but I have to disagree with some of your post. Since the LiteOn 165x6S burners, LiteOn drives have been producing excellent results with most media and they even updated the 5S firmware to do most of what the 6S does, as well. My current 20A1H burns media up to 16x even better than my 165P6S and I get better results with these LiteOn drives than I do with my BenQ 1620, 1640 and 1650. LiteOn’s learning strategy works very well and allows media to be overclocked, sometimes up to 400% and future media codes to be burned as well.

Yes in the past LiteOn had a very bad patch with some of their drives but now I think a lot of people would agree that things have changed. :wink:

I voted for LiteOn :bigsmile: a bit late maybe but never mind!

In all my time i’ve never had a problem with LiteOn drives exept the problems i’ve made myself :stuck_out_tongue: but what have you chosen? you made your mind up yet?

Bought a Samsung as it got quick good responces; however this appears to have been a mistake as eveb tho’ it does burn quite nicely the book type setting doesn’t stick and has to be reset everytime and it can’t do scans so looks like i will be order a LiteOn shortly . . .

You probably already know this, but it can do scans.
You’d only have to do the registry tweak :
Scanning reliability varies I believe, but I’m no expert on that, the experts around here can tell you more about that.

As for the booktype : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=206439