Which DVD writer should I buy? Help please


I am looking to buy a new burner but am starting to get myself a bit confused about which one to buy. I will be doing quite a lot of burning so am after the one that gives the most reliable results I can lay my hands on.

I was thinking of a Pioneer 110d or NEC ND-4550 but some peoples coments are not the best for these drives.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated


BenQ1640 BSLB hands down best burner for the money.

Hi :slight_smile:
I :iagree: with alan1476. Although on some systems or certian media BEFB can give better results.
If money not a consideration then the Plextor 716 is still good.

Depends on your system! Those are all good burners!

Hi Zebadee: I tried BEFB firmware and although it did utilize UDMA 4 and give a better burst rate, I found with Taiyo Yuden + 8x media and Verbatim and Maxell media the results were not different from BSLB at all. I think and I am still not sure that my burns were about 3 seconds faster with BEFB but that is only a slight observation, it may have been just a good burn. I burn at 12x and my times for 4.3 gig are about 6:00 min, give or take a second with a QS of 97 thru 99 for both firmwares.

I’d have to agree with the Benq1640. Right now I have the Benq1620 and love it. I have read/heard nothing but rave reviews for the 1640

My recommendation is:

  • LG 4163B (or 5163D)
  • BenQ 1640

Thanks a lot for all of your replies. Looks like a BenQ1640 is the way to go.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
That’s why I said on some systems with certian media. CMC MAG.AE1 is vastly improved for me. Infiniti MCC 004 is improved a fair amount MCC 03 is marginal. MCC 003 is improved a fair amount.Ritek G05 little difference.
For me it’s also a question of consistancy, but this again is marginal.
TY seems to be great with most writer’s & little affected if at all, by changing from BSLB > BEFB.

Spowell I’d be very surprised if you’re not happy with your choice. :cool: