Which DVD writer in Acer 2428AWXmi notebook?

Does anyone know which drive is used in the Acer 2428AWXmi notebooks?

I’m interested in this notebook but would like it to have a drive which can be made region free. I’ve already had to strike out many notebooks on my list because the drives didn’t have an rpc1 firmware hack available.



Region free can simply achieve by software.

Yes, I have heard of this tool DVD Region + CSS Free. But if I understand it’s working correctly, and having read some complaints by users who have very choppy playback, it puts a heavy load on the computer. Not ideal for a notebook running on a battery.

Unfortunately, few notebook manufacturers list which brand/type DVD writer they use, therefor my question.


Just tried DVD Region+CSS Free on an Acer Aspire 5550 with Matsushita UJ-850S.

Doesn’t work, plays some very choppy audio and never even reaches the bumpers or menu of the discs.

Looks like software isn’t an option.


Not with this matSHITa burners.
Try vlc tool.

VideoLAN is a good player but you still need a region free software to bypass the region check before you can play the movie on PC.

Yup, I tried all the tricks posted at RPC1.com, none worked. I’m now looking for a replacement for the Matsushita burner (which btw burns very nice DVD+R’s from Plextor, so as a burner it’s OK, just not good as a DVD Video player)

Problem is, this isn’t my notebook and I can’t find anything about how to open it up to remove the drive and put in a new one… :bigsmile: