Which DVD to buy?



I want to buy a dvd± rewriter but i do not know which one to buy now.

I have select some below, and now I need your help, which one is the best one from these?

  • BenQ DW1620
  • LG GSA-4163B
  • LG GSA-4160B
  • Pioneer DVR-A09XL

I am very interested in BenQ DW1620 but I saw something about DVD recording quality issues. Is this solved with recent firmware upgrades?

Please make your own recommendations too.

thanks!!! :slight_smile:


As before, it really depends on what you want to do and what media you want to use. Different people value the quality of the burn and other want to share discs with a variety of players. Some want to achieve the fastest burn. Some want one burner to rip at 12X as well as burn. You need to narrow what you value in a burner and then take some time to read here before you buy. It is too easy to make a snap purchase based on others snap recommendations and then find out you bought the wrong drive.

More than anything, choose your media. My recommendations would be based on what I use and may be totally wrong for you.


LG or Pioneer in that list. I would get the one that is the cheapest. Prices are falling fast, so buy one now and a newer model for Christmas! LOL