Which dvd standalone player recomanded

which dvd standalone player recomanded ?

I like to know what dvd standalone player recomanded for playing burned dvds dvd-r dvd+r ,mp3,svcd,vcd,

I ask this question because i had several dvd players standalone the all have several problems .
Now i have a pioneer dv444 this player is good but some burned dvds are freezing in the last 10 a 20 minutes of the movie.
so iam looking foor a good dvd standalone player who plays al the things listed above without any problem.

what do you recomand me ?
please what player and type.

I’ve got a Denon DVD-2800 (mark 1)which has played everything I’ve thrown at it. Being a expensive deck it does a good job of highly compressed discs something the cheaper players can struggle with.

For compatability checking I use a friends Sony DAV-S800 which is the most uncooperative player I’ve found so far.

I have found that freezing problems can be caused by the discs themselves. I find that discs with the very dark purple dyes tend to be better, and stop problems with freezing towards the end of movies. I have heard it is because the darker purple dyes are more reflective.

I use Ritek G04’s and haven’t had any problems since switching to them.


The fact that you have had problems with all your players tends to point the finger at your choice of media since this is the common factor. Certainly, the Pioneer players tend to play anything, particularly the 444, which given a fair wind would probably play back the Dead Sea scrolls.

Davehedgehog points you in the right direction here. Of the ‘cheap’ media, Ritek tends to adhere most closely to the specification and, as a result, gives you the most reliable playback.

The choice of burning software can play a major part, too. Up to now, I would have said steer clear of Nero. It hasn’t been the best answer to the DVD burning question. However, very recent versions seem, by all accounts, to have overcome these difficulties. Personally, I use Gear PRO and that never fails. It’s a bit dear though…



I always used, thats write and nashua dvds and i burn with prassi primodvd,and with discjuggler
i have problems with both media…what media must i use instead,and why is this freezingproblem always on the last 20 a 30 minutes of the movie then ?

I would have to agree that the Pioneer 4xx series has to be the best play anything player around.
Pioneer is the best media around. 100% success rate with that. Unfortunately it seems to be the most expensive also.

For the record, DO NOT buy a Apex. They are trash. Granted, they play everything you put in them but if you buy one, you’ll be buying another in 6 months. I ditched mine and bought a Panasonic CV-47 five disk changer. Works like a champ. Plays VCD, XVCD, MP3, WMA, DVD-R, and DVD+RW. Just my 2 cents worth…

Originally posted by Smabbage
For the record, DO NOT buy a Apex. They are trash. Granted, they play everything you put in them but if you buy one, you’ll be buying another in 6 months. I ditched mine and bought a Panasonic CV-47 five disk changer. Works like a champ. Plays VCD, XVCD, MP3, WMA, DVD-R, and DVD+RW. Just my 2 cents worth…

Deawoo 2100 great standalone does also DVD RW,
it even says this in the manual. region hack: 7 7 play
and enter 9 , for all regions play.

For a budget play the Cyber Home ADL-528 cannot be beaten IMHO, it will play everything perfectly.

But if your DVD player plays DVDR’s and you are having problems then it prolly is a media/burn issue.

Hello to all,

Got overhere the Sony DVP-NS705v and it playes everything I throw at it.
No matter how I burn UDF/ISO or UDF/ROM it playes it flawlessly.
Use Princo 2x media and never had any playback problems.
Downside can be that it is a bit of exspensive player.
I’ve paid 350,- Euro for it and a friend of me went to the shop and bought the same one (at the same shop) 2 days ago and he had to pay 379,- Euro.
Playes DVD-RW/DVD+RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3 (up to 320 k/sec) and even Super Audio CD (but I don’t use that).
You can check here at VCDHelp.com and read what other users think of this player.
Hope this will help you to make a choise.
Best regards,


i burned several movies with different version of burnsoftware
i get the same results . the play very good on my pc but freezes on the last 10 a 20 minutes of the movie in a stand alone player.
Today i tested 15 dvd standalone players with my burned media and guess…the all had the same problem,freezing at the last 10 a 20 minutes,i burn my dvds on nashua dvds,.while my brother burn them on thats write media and he has also problems with some movies,(not as many as i have),so my answer to you is
buy good media i think thats for 90% the problem of freezing screens at the last 10 a 20 minutes of a burned dvd on a staand alone dvd player

And i have a pioneer dv444 best testet of all players

A lot has been said about media, and yes, if your movie gets worse at the end, 90% chance it’s media related.
I’ve been burning movies for about a year now and tested a lot of media. At start almost all media was bad and it always shows near the end.

My players are:
Sony DAV-500

That’s write media, burning @ 2speed, had some problems in the past, but the new That’s media are pretty good. :bigsmile:

Hello again,

Why don’t you give it a try with the latest Nero ?
You can download it here.
Best regards,


the sony 300+1 carosel player…plays everything i put in it.
plus you can watch 600+ hours of movies without getting up to change the disc.

combine the sony with the Philips ProntoPro remote control and you have it all.

I have a Sony davs 300 stand-alone, it plays dvd-r & +r
It also plays dvd-rw, it seems to play dvd-r that other players have problems with.
If a film is on a cheapo disk and freezes in another player, it generally plays through in the Sony, or stutters slightly at worst.
It’s probably down to better error correction or better lazer.
I know you pay for a name brand, but I believe that if my Sony
was £500 when new and you could get an Acoustic Soloutions 351 for £50, I didn’t pay £450 JUST for a Sony badge.
I know a few people with cheap players that “support” dvd-r, yet when I used Ritek g03 disks they wouldn’t play them.They only played Princo dyed disks (which I find have freezing problems)

Incidently, I’ve only ever used Nero for burning, it came with
my Pioneer104…never had a problem with it.
I’ve found Ritek G03 TDK02 and Verbaitim (mcc) dyes about the best, giving top results at 2x writing.

i’ve got a yelo800, if you can still find them they are well worth the price £125

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You can’t go just for a brand.
It all depends, because some different brands can use the same firmware.
E.g. Loewe uses Philips software.
The Denon 3000 was in fact Panasonic firmware.

I’d recommend a LG/Goldstar player, it’s cheap and very good in “masking” glitches in video and audio.
You cannot even see the layer change :slight_smile:


Based on a review of 9 of the current DVD Recorders, CPU Magazine indicated that the Toshiba SD-310V was the most versatile player for recordable media (March '03).

Among the 9 players tested, the player flawlessly handled about 10 differnet media types/brands ranging from CD-R to DVD+/-RW.

Available at Walmart (sale) for $88.77. (one bad thing is no optical out for audio).

I just barely purchased this unit so I can’t vouch for it’s durability or reliability. That is all.

Play back put aside:

Compared to other brands Toshiba’s are slow in navigating or browsing through menu screens.
Not to mention animated menu screens.

It might not be noticeable, but when you work some time with other brands you’ll definately notice a difference in respond times.

but, hey, it only needs to play back the movie, right?