Which DVD-RW?

I have hardly ever bothered with RW discs but my uncle has bought a standalone dvd recorder and whats to get some RW discs , can only be X2 or X4 but i dont know which RW dyes are any good i have a choice of X4 Verbs (MCC 01RW4X), X4 TDK (TDK601saku), X2 TDK Scratch Proof (TDK502sakuM3) and X4 Traxdata (dont know the dye, guessing its ritek).

I was thinking of opting for the X4 TDKs as they come in a spindle of ten and would work out cheaper( plus the red top looks good)

Opinions Please.

+RW are not a option, the maneul said it can play/record on some +RW but not all.The X4 Maxell ones didn’t work.

Dont mean to bump but has know one else tryed any of these or are most like me and not really used meny RWs

I’m not that fond of Ritek but I’ve used Office Depot branded 4x DVD-RWs, RITEKW04 media code, and they work very well on my standalone DVD Recorder. PI/PIF levels are good for RW media and no stability issues, although I don’t typically use them for long term recording.

There’s undoubtedly even higher quality discs than these, but these have worked perfectly for me thus far.

I have a 25-spindle of the TDK 4x,

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-RW:TDK601saku]
Disc & Book Type :       [DVD-RW] - [DVD-RW]
Manufacturer Name :      [TDK Corp.]
Manufacturer ID :        [TDK601saku]
Blank Disc Capacity :    [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]
[ DVD Identifier V4.2.0 - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com ]

They work reasonably well. Don’t expect perfect error scans, but for temporary stuff thay’re fine.

TDK ones i think it will be.

What record speeds are possible with this standalone?

If it can up to 4x DVD-RW, yo should use 4x and not 1x/2x if possible.

Well the manuel said it can use 2X and 4X RW and X4 and X8 R Discs. Did not see anything in the manuel about what speed it actually burns at though, then again i only skimmed through the manuel.