Which DVD-RW to buy

Hello everyone,

I’m tired of my optical drives going bad. I the following two drives, and both have gone bad.

Sony DW-Q120A
Lite-on LH-20A1P

They sometimes work, but that’s rare. You can keep ejecting and inserting about 20 times and u might get it to work once. The Sony was working till about a week back. Lite-on has been bad for months now.

So I suppose I will buy me another one, the question is which one. I’m tired of them going bad.

I live in New Delhi, India, if that helps. But I can order from newegg or anywhere else if something really useful is out there and saves me the trouble.

You might want to look at the burner forums and the reviews to help you make up your mind

Any of the name brand drives tend to work fine. I don’t know the time frame of your failures or how much they get used, but there could be something else causing the failures such as a faulty power supply. It’s also possible the PC’s are in a dusty/dirty environment or it could simply be from use. It isn’t unreasonable to have a drive fail within a year or two if it is getting daily or extended use.

I have used SONY DVD-RWs with no problems.

These are $20 items these days. For that you get disposable junk.

I only rarely use these drives, the PSU is mighty stable and no issues these, I’ve tested it with much heavier load than what I usually run the system on. Dust though might be an issue here, my cabinet is very dusty because of the many fans.

I guess I will go grab another sony drive out there.