Which dvd+rw media?

i need to get dvd+rw media for my new liteon 832.

in my city i can get philips, verbatim and tdk(all 4x speed).

which media is best?

i’ve read a couple of months ago that liteon dvd writers like philips dvdrw+ media, but verbatim seems to make good dvdrw+ media, too.

which media should i get, please help me make a decision.

Verbatim has always worked well with Lite-On, might want to try it.

for 4x burn is ricoh (labeled as tdk and any platinum 4x) and mitsubishi (verbatim) is a good sale.
sale by rw never noname

PHILIPS041 +RW aslo is a good choice for Lite-On:

Sony and Memorex 4X (ricohjpnw11) have worked well for me on my 451.

811S not at all, absolutely not to recommend. Ricohs (W11) rule.

Ah. They worked well on my 401@811 though. Shrug… maybe I got a bum unit :wink:

I have used only one type of DVD+RW, the 4X rated Ricoh JP-W11’s.

They actually produced the best KProbe scans by far in my 411@811 at 4X and with my 812@832 they continue to do very well (PI & PIF averages below 1.0, no spikes etc.).

From my experience and others on in the forum it seems like the Ricoh W11’s are the best choice for Lite On drives when it comes to DVD+RW discs. They are also the RW discs that Lite On chose to ship with the 411s.

The only problem is that I do not know who still sells them? The ones that I had were all Memorex and I purchased them at least 6 months ago (luckily they were on sale for $9.99 @ Office Max for a 10 pack which was an awesome price back then so I bought a few boxes which means that I’m covered if they are not readily available in the future. I use them regularly to back up my data and have restored images from them many times (which “proves” that they are indeed error free, that really puts them “to the test” when an image is restored onto a new hard drive using only a DVD+RW disc that contains the image).

I have found TDK’s to be horribly expensive and very poor quality. Maybe just me, but my 812S on CG3B hates them.
PS - they are Ricoh JP-WPN11s also.

My TDK +RW (Ricoh W11) is really fine, it has the same quality like the blank W11 that came with the 811S.

Strange, sounds like you must have somehow gotten stuck with a “bad batch” of Ricoh’s.

I have never purcahsed TDK discs of any sort (all overpriced when I hae come across them, I go for the known “cheaper” branded Ricoh’s all of foirmats and have had extremely good luck with them in my 411@811 and now the 812@832).