Which DVD+RW Media

Hello all,
I have a Yamada 8400X DVDR/+rw television set top recorder. It records at 1x to 2.4x (+RW).

What is the best DVD+RW Media currently avaliable. I will be purchasing from svp and here are some media codes to choose between:

1.MCC 01RW4X (Datawrite Classic (4x) DVD+RW)
2.RICOHJPNW11 (TDK (1-4x) Branded Red-Top DVD+RW)
3.PHILIPS 041 (Tuffdisc Overprint (4x) DVD+RW)
4.MKM A02 (Verbatim (4x) 4.7Gb DVD+RW Disc)

I usually buy my discs from SVP, and these are the +RW discs they currently have. If there are any other codes from other distributors in the uk please let me know. I take the recorded programs and then cut out the adverts etc. so this is why i have to use dvdrw to transfer them to my pc. Thanks in advance - Amarz!!!

If your DVD recorder only supports writing at 2.4x, then it might not be compatible with newer 4x certified DVD+RW media. You should check the manual for your Yamada recorder to see if it says anything about compatible media.

Verbatim makes some 2.4x DVD+RW media (look here), but SVP don’t seem to carry any 2.4x DVD+RW media at all.