Which DVD+RW media for system back-ups?

What DVD+RW media is best for backups of my windows installation ?

I tend to +RW solution instead of the +R one to avoid huge stack of disks
after some months of backing up and to avoid problem of recycling those
disks with my personal sensitive data on them.

There are some portals treating good optical media such this one
and videohelp.com.
But they discuss insider topics not helpful for newbie on buying DVD media,
or they are focused on +/-R format only.

If you want to use rewritable media to store your backups, I think that the best solution is to use RAM discs. RW media are not enough reliable to store precious data.

Another reliable (and faster, even if not always inexpensive) solution could be an external HDD

I’d suggest Ricoh 8x DVD+RW media if your drive is compatible (and if you can get your hands on those Ricohs). As an alternative the slower Verbatim 4x DVD+RW media.

If your drive can write to DVD-RAM and you like the though of using your disc as if it were a giant floppy, then DVD-RAM is a better solution than DVD+RW although not as fast (unless you can get some 12x DVD-RAM which are almost non-existant outside Japan).

Don’t expect your DVD+RW to hold your data as long as DVD±R.

Gotta agree there.

RW media should only really be used as a temporary data or video storage solution.

Personally, I only tend to use my RW discs in my set-top DVD Recorder to record TV programmes. Once I’ve filled up one RW disc, I take it to my PC, rip it to the hard drive and make a copy of it onto a -R or a +R disc. Then erase everything that was on the RW disc and re-use it.

This is essentially what RW discs should be used for. :iagree:

To answer chrizio’s question, for making a backup of a windows installation; I’d recommend that you use either -R or +R discs but only if you’re burner can’t deal with DVD-RAM.

The Ricoh 8x +RW media is very good but not compatible with all burners. I was lucky enough to get some a while back.

The Verbatim 6x -RW is also highly recommended followed by their 4x +RWs.

RW disks are ok if you do weekly backups of your files tho like me. I know that RW disks are not useful for archival purposes but if you are backing up data every week on the same RW disks then it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks for all your answers.
My burner is NEC ND2500A with latest firmware 1.0B.
Regarding Ricoh 8x +RW - maybe it could be compatible
to my drive if burning at 4x speed ?
DVD-RAM not supported.

That’s exactly is my situation too. Weekly updates of my sensitive data (win installation with licenses and ser. numbers). Therefore the read-only media
don’t qualify here.

> Don’t expect your DVD+RW to hold your data as long as DVD±R.
Yes. I’m aware of this problem

Based on external HDD I had to have two drives used
exchangeable - don’t use media with previous backup
for new one. If any crash occurs during backup process
you have neither the old nor the new one.

Verbatim 4x +RW - do you mean those with EAN code 023942432289 ?
How can one recognize the real ricoh 8x +rw. Are there any fakes of ricoh 8x +rw?

Your NEC ND-2500 cannot burn DVD+RW at faster than 4x and there’s little chance it will burn the 8x rated Ricoh 8x DVD+RW, so I suggest you buy some Verbatim 4x DVD+RW instead.

Verbatim 4x +RW - do you mean those with EAN code 023942432289 ?
The EAN number on mine is 023942432289 on the single jewel case and 023942432463 on a 10-pack of jewel-cases.

Ah, you have a drive of the 8x R generation.
Then, you need to use 4x RW, as the unsupported 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW will only cause trouble.
Verbatim 4x DVD[U]+[/U]RW, for example, would be a good choice :slight_smile:
Just forget about those Ricoh 8x DVD+RW (I haven’t seen any Ricoh RW fakes yet).

I use the jewel-cased Verbatim 4x DVD+RW (Reorder 43228) which, in fact, has the UPC/EAN (0) 23942 43228 (9).

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